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    sulphidation epithermal gold prospects, with previous explorers noting geological similarities to the nearby high-grade Pajingo Gold Mine and the Waihi Gold Mine in New Zealand.Read more
    and hence was broadly synchronous with other gold occurrences in the Yilgarn Block (Mc. Synmetamorphic lode-gold deposits in high-grade Archean settings(Citations: 43) Journ.Read more
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    the size range or internal morphology of framboids formed in these various settings, sug. . With the anticipated increase in production from newly discovered gold deposits of the.Read more
    The exhalation of radon from the large mine dumps at the gold mines in South Africa is a. such as indoor residential settings, while suggestive of health risks, still entails various u.Read more
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    ArAr ages of hydrothermal muscovites constrain the age of gold mineralisation in the W. These links are maintained by other sources not affiliated with Microsoft Academic Sear.Read more
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    settings in the Transvaal Sequence of South Africa have revealed the presence of mixed inclusion assemblages. Saline, three-phase, CO2-rich inclusions, with variable phase rat.Read more
    Publication » The Jinfeng gold deposit: A new mine leading the way for foreign investm. gold metallogenic model is likely to be applicable to analogous settings elsewhere in the.Read more
    Early Miocene volcanism associated with a maar-diatreme breccia complex preceded main-stage epithermalgold mineralization at the Kelian gold mine, Kalimantan, Indonesia. P.Read more
    With institutions warming to gold, too, demand could grow further. If you look at assets. Select your preferred way to display the comments and click Save settings to activate yo.Read more
    Ouellette, F. and Ann, D. (1991), Brain Injury Rehabilitation Settings: A Gold Mine for Stu. Furst, E.J. (1981). Bloom's taxonomy of educational objectives for the cognitive domain:.Read more
    Based on the macroscopic studies of tectonic settings of the deposit concentrated area, including the regional giant geological events, crust-mantle structure, deep level fractures, lo.Read more