vibration to bridge

    :APPLICATION BASEDNovel probabilistic approach to assessing bargebridge collisiondamage based on vibration measurements through transitionalMarkov chain M.Read more
    low natural frequency.Based on the vertical walking load model and the multi-point loading model,the paper develops the fine time domain method to calculate footbridge vibration re.Read more
    Song, J. and Xiong, Y.P. (2001) Optimal active control of bridge vibration subject to moving random loads. Journal of Southeast University, 31, (5A), 52-58. Download Full text not.Read more
    This paper deals with the vortex-induced vibration having the behavior ofboth forced vibration and self-excited vibration in the responses of bridge to wind.The wind-resisting desig.Read more
    track irregularities by trigonometric series method, the train-bridge-TMD dynamic vibration equations were established based on the combined modal of train formation and bridge. .Read more
    The problem of dynamic non-linear response of a suspension bridge to the passage of a. vibration of suspension bridge under vehicular movement is presented. The dynamic ana.Read more
    1: Random vibration of a train traversing a bridge subjected to traveling seismic waves 2: 3: Random vibra.Read more
    vehicles subject to constant acceleration, and vehicles overtaking and, (3) investigate the effect of girder stiffness decay on the coupled vibration of the vehicle-bridge system. Ana.Read more
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    vibration emit when a large lorry passes the expansion joints on road bridges, causing serious environmental problems. Field measurements were conducted on the road bridge, .Read more
    vibrations in two landmark footbridges, the Millennium bridge in London, and the Solferin. Portugal. This volume aims to transfer current knowledge of footbridge dynamic design i.Read more
    ABSTRACT The responses of a bridge due to a moving vehicle are obtained analyticall. ABSTRACT: To investigate the vibration of simple beams subjected to the passage of h.Read more
    Detailed introduction to Stock Bridge Vibration Damper: Types:1) Damper (type FD, FG)2) Damper (type FDZ)3) Damper (type FR)Features:1) Grey iron painted counter weights.Read more
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    1: Random vibration of a train traversing a bridge subjected to traveling seismic waves 2: 3: Random vibra.Read more
    ,The obvious vibration occurred in the prestressed concrete bridge due to the loss of pretresses, concrete shrinkage and creep, a.Read more
    and the contribution of hunting movement to coupling vibration of vehicle-bridge system is summarized in this method. The results show that the wheel-set hunting movement could.Read more
    Non-stationary random vibration of 3D time-dependent trainbridge systems subjected to multi-point earthquake excitations, including wave passage effect, is investigated using.Read more
    The coupling random vibration of vehicles-bridge is studied. The bridge and vehicle are . [Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: In order to analyze vibration characteristics.Read more
    :Engineering Structures 30 (2008) 632642.elsevier/locate/engstructVibration of a suspension bridge installed with a water pipeline andsubjected to moving t.Read more
    In order to reveal the response of vibrational acceleration and the features of acceleration frequency spectrum of fan bridge in direct air-cooling fan system under different working.Read more
    Official Full-Text Publication: Torsional and longitudinal vibration of suspension bridge subject to aerodynamic forces on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists. To.Read more
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    has been proposed to suppress the vibration occurred at the expansion joints. This dam. the impact absorbing dampers were installed in an actual bridge, and its suppression ef.Read more
    This paper is concerned with the analysis of dynamic deflection and acceleration of a concrete bridge which is subjected to a moving vehicle load. The bridge, to be constructed a.Read more