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Preliminary scientific program


1/ Collision processes in alpine-type orogens

convener : M. BALLEVRE

keynote speaker : R. Butler

title: Geological inheritance and Alpine tectonics: implications for the temporal evolution of orogens.


2/ Subduction processes

conveners :  P.  AGARD

keynote speaker : C Faccenna

title: Mountain building and mantle dynamics.


3/ Margin and ocean : related structures and evolution

convener : G. MANATSCHAL

keynote speaker : O. Müntener

title: Key role of Upper mantle rocks in Alpine type orogens: recipes for rift, serpentinisation and subduction zone processes



4/ Late alpine, active tectonics and surface processes

convener :  C. SUE

keynote speaker : F. Hermann

title: Coupling between tectonics and erosion in the Alps and the eastern Himalayan syntax.


5/ Geophysical imagery of mountain belts

convener : A. PAUL

keynote speaker : S. Chevrot

title: Imaging the deep architecture of mountain ranges: A review of recent results obtained in the Pyrenees.


6/ Open session on alpine-type orogens' geology

convener :



the final program will be available at the end of july 2015