dead line 1rst of july 2015

Abstracts have to be sent to alps.briancon2015@univ-fcomte.fr

The 12th Workshop on Alpine Geological Studies will accept contributions from any field of research within Alpine-type orogens’ geology. Presenting authors at the 12th Workshop must register and pay their registration fee not later than 1rst of june 2015.


Guidelines for abstract preparation

Abstracts must comply with the guidelines given below, and should be provided in English, in MS-Word compatible format. Abstracts will be reviewed before final acceptance.

Convention for filenames: name-N-talk or name-N-poster ; name ist the last name of the presenting person ; N is the number of the theme according to the scientific program.


Theme 1/ Collision processes in alpine-type orogens

Theme 2/ Subduction processes

Theme 3/ Margin and ocean : related structures and evolution

Theme 4/ Late alpine, active tectonics and surface processes

Theme 5/ Geophysical imagery of mountain belts

Theme 6/ Open session on alpine-type orogens’ geology

Theme 7/ Teaching the Alps : from scientific research to vulgarization


Abstract format :

Title (Times New Roman, 12 pt., bold, centred)

Last name, first name (Times New Roman, 11 pt., regular)

Address: post address, institution, email address (Times New Roman, 9 pt., regular)

Text (Times New Roman, 11 pt., regular)

References (Times New Roman, 9 pt., regular)

Any questions or requests for further information should be addressed to csue@univ-fcomte.fr